4 Reasons Why Not to Drive winter tires through summer

  1. Warmer temperatures cause winter tires to wear out faster.

Winter tires are constructed with an unique rubber composition that remains malleable in lower temperatures, allowing them to provide optimum traction in snowy and icy conditions. Heat is extremely damaging to winter tires, which are designed to be used at temperatures of 45°F or below. Winter tires worn out on hot pavement wear out more faster.

Winter tires are built for traction rather than longevity, whereas all-season tires are built for lower rolling resistance and extended tread life. These tires are comprised of a rubber composition that is intended to withstand a broad variety of temperatures and driving conditions.

Driving on winter tires in the summer might cause them to wear out faster. This is because the rubber composition in winter tires is built for colder temperatures rather than warmer temperatures.

2. It will cost you money rather than save you money.

If you’ve made the investment in winter tires for additional safety, replacing them with a set of all-season or summer tires at the appropriate time will help extend the service life of the winter tires, saving you money.

Winter tires sometimes have a higher rolling resistance than all-season tires, which might cost you money at the petrol pump.

3. Problems with Traction and Handling

Winter tires’ softer rubber compound will not provide as precise handling as an all-season tire. On hot summer roads and in higher temperatures, cornering, acceleration, and braking may be hampered.

In terms of traction, a lack of tread depth might provide a greater safety concern in the winter. If you wear winter tires in the summer, anticipate them to have less tread the following season. As a result, your tires will not channel snow, slush, or water as well.

4. Tire swapping may be simple and inexpensive.

It’s simple to switch out winter tires for all-season or performance tires twice a year. We’ll put Bertolez tires on your wheels for free. We may even be able to store your tires in certain areas.

Many tires are made for certain seasons and driving situations. Choosing the correct solution can help you save money while also providing piece of mind and enhanced security. Stop by your nearest Bertolez and one of our tire experts can assist you in selecting the best tires for your driving needs, including winter and all-season tires.