How To Extend The Life of Your Wheels

Rims and wheels are costly, therefore it’s best to maintain them throughout the year to prevent large vehicle repair bills later. Here are three methods for extending the life of your wheels:

Avoid hitting the curb:

Driving too near to the curb or bumping against it when parallel parking will scrape the finish off your rims or, worse, bend them. Many current rims are convex beyond the tire’s edge, so they bear the majority of the force if you have to swerve to avoid another vehicle or parallel park quickly.

You have no control over poor drivers, but you can practice parallel parking. Use cones or other non-damaging materials to avoid scraping up your rims when training.

Learning the method might save you hundreds of dollars in vehicle maintenance expenditures.

Consider Powder Coating Your Wheels

Getting your wheels powder coated is an excellent way to extend the life of your wheels and offers an excellent protective finish covering. Powder coating is a method in which paint in the form of powder is electrostatically applied to the rim and then cured in a oven at a high temperature. When a thermoset powder coating is fully dried, it makes an extremely strong connection with the surface, which helps prevent dents, scratches, and rust from developing on wheels. This can greatly extend the life of your wheels When looking for “powder coating near me” be sure to choose a reputable one that employs quality workers and uses quality powders.

Clean using the correct materials:

Cleaning your rims yourself might save you money on vehicle repair, but you risk harming them by using low-quality or destructive products. Certain metals will be ruined by steel wool, and acid cleaners will remove dust along with your expensive clearcoat, which protects the metal from corrosion. If a cleanser must be rinsed off in five minutes or less, it is most likely acidic.

Gently cleaning your rims with soap and water is nearly always the best method to maintain them clean and bright. It may take longer, but it will also lengthen the life of your rims. Full-service car washes frequently employ acid-based cleansers, so be cautious when bringing your vehicle in. They might cause more harm than benefit.

Prepare your wheels for winter:

While most people recognize the significance of converting to winter tires or adding snow chains in cold, snowy, and icy weather, not everyone realizes that your rims also require maintenance. Road salt may quickly corrode and destroy pricey chrome rims. Having a second winter set can extend the life of both sets in the long term.

Winter driving is ideal for steel rims. They’re quite inexpensive, hefty enough to protect your car from skidding, and available in smaller sizes that will work neatly with less expensive snow tires. They also lack ornamental finishes, making scratches and dents less noticeable.

If you are having problems with your rims or tires, go to your local automobile repair shop and inquire about auto maintenance expenses for wheels and rims. While you’re there, inquire about issues such as brake pads and gearboxes, which may create a slew of problems if not properly maintained.